Our manufacturing Process:

In Italy, Gelato literally means frozen, however it has come to mean "frozen pleasure".  From fruit laden sorbets to intense low fat dairy ices, gelato is pleasure.

Gelato is both a passion and an art form - more adult in it's approach than American style ice creams - yet made to satisfy the most discriminating "kid" in all of us. Like truffle, tartufo traditionally refers to one of the most highly prized and expensive food ingredient available. In Italy, it also means a premium portioned frozen dessert. Our tartufi are make with two flavours of gelati - either dairy or non-dairy - covered in a delicious coating.

Our sorbets are made in the orthodox Italian style, for a fresh taste and "ice cream" mouth feel. No water is added unless required. We use the finest fruits from around the world - mangoes from south India, raspberries from British Columbia - they're frozen with "batch" overrun of about 20%, no added colour or flavour, and using pure vegetable stabilizers to ensure textural integrity. They're fat and dairy free. It can't get any better than fruit and sugar!

Our low fat / no fat dairy ices, true italians, contain minimal amounts of butterfat, derived from fresh milk and cream. Each product is individually formulated to optimize both flavour and texture. The results range from zero to ten percent butterfat. We use only pure ingredients, such as Peimonte hazelnut paste, Dutch cocoa, and fresh caramel (sugar burned in a copper pot!), to impart a pure taste.