"Gelato Fresco's gourmet ice cream is a winner with customers, but not with meddlesome regulators, who say the low-fat delicacies turned out by Gelato Fresco.. are simply too good to be deemed acceptable....... 

 Anne Kingston - Globe and Mail, Report on Business.           >View full PDF Article


"You can't mess with Mother Nature, so Hart Melvin is a patient man. Ontario's ice cream maestro and owner of Gelato Fresco knows he can't churn his fresh Pumpkin Ice Cream until the province's tiny pie pumpkins are ripe and ready. One taste and you know it's worth the wait."      Julia Aitken, Food and Drink - LCBO.  View full PDF Article


"Gelato Fresco owner Hart Melvin imports alphonso purée for his intensely flavoured sorbet.. Just one taste is enough to hook you for life."    Sasha Chapman - Globe and Mail.  View full PDF Article


"This is the gold standard of edible frozen erotica. Who else massages the lemon peels to convince them to release their essential oils into lemon ice? Who else uses Illy espresso to make a coffee shake? Lindt chocolate to make chocolate ice cream?.. Gelato Fresco cooks from scratch.    Joanne Kates - Eaters Digest. View full PDF Article


"Hart Melvin, founder of Gelato Fresco and creator of Canada's most ambrosial ices, is a perfectionist. For his latest flavour, he toasts individual marhmallows before churning them into an ice cream whose taste conjures up vivid campfire memories."  Julia Aitken. Food and Drink. LCBO      View full PDF Article


Ted: This is totally successful gelato, very rich and chocolate-driven. (4 star rating)

Dufflet:  The classic Italian profile.. It has lots of cocoa punch, like a chocolate sorbet, only more sophisticated. It's continental! This is an adult ice cream. (4 star rating) 

Paula: Very Gelato, very Italian ice. (4 star rating)

The Results: Ontario's own Gelato Fresco scooped up first prize.

Food and Drink - Shelf Life, A. Brouwer & A. Wilson - National Post.     View full PDF Article


"Gelato Fresco produces among the finest ice creams I've tasted. The ices Raspberry, Alfonso Mango and a puckery lemon are by far the best that I have sampled and his ice creams, Crème Caramel (carrying a heady caramel flavour) a fabulous Caffe Latte, hazelnut and perhaps his masterwork, devil's chocolate, dark rich variation with a mere 3.2 percent butterfat. Guilt free sin like this could soon put the devil out of business."  Joanne Kates, Globe and Mail.    View full PDF Article


"Gelato Fresco's Devil's Chocolate ice cream which harbors a mere 3.2 percent butterfat and gets its intense chocolate hit from Dutch cocoa, is one of the best ices I've tasted, bar none. Pair a scoop of this with a scoop of Gelato Fresco's Raspberry ice and you've got a match made in heaven."  Marrion Kane. Toronto Star.    


"This is ice cream as in Italian style gelato- not the hard little scoops in a bland cone, but the sensual stuff of Fellini films and fast Ferraris. Alfonso Mango is velvety and intense, raspberry ice bursting with fresh fruit, the dead tart lemon ice is a serious palette cleanser. The amazing devil's chocolate is dark, rich, intense, slightly bitter-soul selling stuff. Milanese Vanilla is serious, unboring vanilla and again, a silky slippery texture.   Jurgen Gothe. Vancouver Sun.


one of Toronto's most luxurious treats..  Cynthia David. Toronto Sun


One cool, sinful, spoonful and I know you'll be hooked.  The Calgary Herald.