Gelato Fresco is a federally licensed facility, meeting all the requirements of a Dairy inspected by the CFIA. We have made the decision not to manufacture our products with any ingredient derived from or containing peanuts. We have no peanuts on site in our plant!

We practice the policy of thoroughly cleaning all of the lines between each batch. All of our products are made from scratch, using primary ingredients, therefore avoiding the use of syrups or flavouring from our ingredients. This reduces the risk of hidden allergens or cross contamination derived from other manufacturing sources. Complete breakdown of lines and acid washing are done following the manufacturing of a product containing highly allergenic ingredients such as hazelnut. Toasted Hazelnut and Double Pistachio are the only flavours with nuts in our entire retail flavour line up. Labelling accuracy is a commitment of this company. Gelato Fresco aspires to consistently produce a high quality product that will give the customer with special dietary needs the opportunity to buy with confidence. 

In 2000, Gelato Fresco received the Susan Daglish award in the Confectionary and Snack Food Category from the Anaphylaxis foundation of Canada. 

Gelato Fresco, a Gold Standard in Food Safety.

Gelato Fresco is active in a continuing program of planning, implementing, documenting, improving and maintaining a HACCP System based on an independant third party food safety audit.